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Reading Adobe PDF Files

Get Acrobat Reader icon Some of the document links on the CARES website point to files that have been created in Adobe PDF format.  If you want to view those documents and do not have Adobe Acrobat®, you can download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader® by clicking on the icon to the left.

Using CARES Member and Manufacturer Account Features

Member Accounts

Member accounts are reserved for government officials responsible for enforcing amusement ride regulations, CARES advisory board members, and other experts deemed necessary by the CARES membership.

Maintaining Your CARES Information

CARES members are asked to keep the following information current. Links for the following features are provided on the members-only page:

Ballots and Voting

The CARES website allows members to vote on CARES ballots electronically via the members-only page.

  • Any member of the CARES Executive Committee may add a new ballot or post results of a non-electronic ballot (i.e., vote taken at a CARES meeting). Links to those pages will appear on the members-only page, if the logged-in user is an Executive Committee member.
  • Voting members are automatically notified via email when a new ballot is opened.
  • Open and closed ballots are listed at the top right side of the members-only page. Voting members will see a "vote" link to the right of each open ballot. Votes may be changed up until the closing date of the ballot. An optional comment box is provided on the voting form.
  • All members can view the results of any closed ballot by clicking "results" link to the right of the issue on the members-only page. For electronic votes, the results page shows vote tally, the agencies that voted, and comments received (presented anonymously).
Emailing Announcements to CARES Members

Notices regarding important CARES events or safety alerts can be emailed as to all members and posted on the CARES home page and/or the members-only page.

  • Use the add announcement page to send out a message. A forms interface allows you to specify whether to post the announcement on the website or email it to members, or both. You can also select the posting location(s) and group(s) of CARES members to which the announcement will be emailed.
  • Members may modify their own announcements from the my announcements page.
  • The Removal Date parameter determines how long the announcement will be posted on the CARES website. If that field is empty, the announcement will be posted indefinitely. To remove an announcement, set the Removal Date to some past date.
CARES Email Discussion Group

This is a Yahoo eGroups-style list serve that allows CARES members to communicate informally.

  • Participation is optional. Members must subscribe to the eGroup prior to posting or receiving messages.
  • Posts and replies are automatically transmitted to all subscribers of the discussion group.
  • CARES-members Info Page is used to subscribe, unsubscribe, view archives, or view the subscriber list
Manufacturer Accounts

Amusement ride manufacturers who are interested in helping CARES centralize access to safety-related information such as bulletins, NDT requirements, and minimum height limits may apply for a CARES Manufacturer account.

  • To apply for a CARES Manufacturer account, visit the membership application page.
  • If you've forgotten your account information, visit the send account information page.
  • Log in to the CARES system using the "Login" link in the upper right corner of any CARES web page. The link changes to "Logout" once a user enters a valid CARES username and password.
  • To change your username, password, or email address where CARES account information should be sent, visit the change account information page.
  • Use the update manufacturer information page to maintain current contact information (name, address, phone, email, etc.).
For additional help using the CARES website, contact the CARES System Administrator


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